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Created by chris_82d2

The fourth pressing of the first line of NFTs with tangible value attached to them! With 1, 4 - for as long as you HODL - you get access to his clinical, therapeutic, and nutritional services! As a chubby kid, I spent a lot of time on my computer and became enthralled in other worlds as a form of childhood escapism. This put me into full on geek mode, which I happily admit today as a 31 year old, is more true than ever lol. I got into programming and the web, eventually I found cryptocurrency back in 2013 and thought the idea was neat... Fast forward 7-8 years and its very mainstream. All sorts of things are sold for it nowadays - coffee, food, clothing, even... pizzas! #ifyouknowyouknow. Artwork and music have become the hottest topics in the 'Nonfungible Token' market today. So, I pressed some. 8 to be exact. I have placed em online on a well-used site, Treasureland. This line of NFTs come with something fairly special - my clinical, dietary and therapeutic services, as well as free supplements (some of them)(for as long as you 'HODL' the NFT!). Essentially, you get access to what I provide others in real life for a fraction of what people pay in real life. To celebrate this wonderful site these will be available for pennies compared to real life services, though you will have access to contact me directly via phone or IM (your choice). Feeling depressed lately? Overtly anxious? Struggling with addiction of any sort (*cough* internet *cough*)? Need a diet to help you lose weight? Getting ready for a competition? Or just getting started and want to get off on the right foot? You found the right NFT. Contact me with your info after purchase. We'll get started right away.

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Owned by chris_82d2
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