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NFT Description

Created by aleksandr_osokin_43m3

This collection is a NFT stylized as a gold bar. At the top of the NFT is the logo of the crypto exchange Binance, below is the weight of the ingot of 1000 grams and a sample of 999.9 parts of pure NFT gold. In the center is the logo of the Binance exchange stylized as a diamond. In the upper part of the diamond, the four faces have a transparent background, which allows you to change the color of the faces of the diamond depending on the color located under the NFT. At the bottom of the NFT there is a stamp with the date of creation, as well as a stamp with the inscription " The tipping point", which means the beginning of active development of the NFT by the Binance exchange. The NFT data was created for the Binance exchange.

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Blockchain Polygon (Matic)

1000G FINE NFT #4

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