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Created by aleksandr_osokin_43m3

Mystical. Modern NFT art. The God Hermes. God of trade and good fortune, patron of exchange and profit. God of entrepreneurship and good luck in your endeavors, cunning and argument. He was revered not only among people, but also among the gods. Hermes introduced the very concept of profit. Hermes gave good luck not only in trade, but also in almost any other field. For example, he sent a fair wind, good weather, indicated rich deposits of precious stones and minerals. Because of the latter, he was even called the "diviner of the bowels". In the 20th century, Hermes statues began to be installed on any buildings associated with trade-banks, insurance companies. Now it can also be seen in shopping centers. The patron saint of thieves and swindlers. God of dreams and dreams. He directed the souls of the dead to the realm of Hades. Hermes held the keys to secret knowledge in trade and medicine. The Romans - Mercury, the Mayans-Ek-Chuah, the Aztecs-Yakatekutli, the Egyptians-Min, the Japanese-Ebisu, in Hinduism-Ganesha, the Slavs-Veles.

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