P2E Crypto Games

Earn 1FLR Tokens while you play and compete for ZEC in weekly leaderboard competitions.

Crypto Faucets

Use the PipeFlare faucet to earn free ZEC, MATIC, 1FLR and a Mystery token every 24 hours.

1FLR Token

1FLR Tokens, power our play-to-earn blockchain ecosystem. Join our free monthly airdrops.


PipeFlare Developers

Our global team of developers is building the gaming platform of the future. We're investing heavily into Web 3.0 technology and giving users control over their gaming experience. Our mission and team is funded by Digital Currency Group, Horizen, and Horizen Labs.

Earn Crypto With PipeFlare Games


Earning free crypto with PipeFlare is easy. Compete for over $500 prizes in weekly gaming leaderboards. Most of our games are free to play.

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PipeFlare Support

Our dedicated PipeFlare support team will help you participate in our ecosystem. We'll help understand the technology behind our NFTs, games, and referral system.

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PipeFlare Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PipeFlare?

We are a play-to-earn crypto gaming website powered by the 1FLR Token. You can play games, collect free cryptocurrency from our PipeFlare faucets, participate in airdrops, compete in weekly leaderboards, and earn rewards with our referral program. You can also buy and sell limited mint NFTs on our decentralized marketplace.

Is Pipeflare Legit?

PipeFlare is the most reputable P2E and gaming site in the industry. We are backed by some of the largest investors in the blockchain space including DCG and Horizen Labs. We publish all of our transactions to the public.

How To Register An Account On PipeFlare?

Registering an account on PipeFlare is easy and free. Simply hit the Register button in the header of the page and follow the simple prompts.

Does PipeFlare Have An NFT Marketplace?

PipeFlare has the top NFT marketplace in the industry. You can buy, sell, and trade NFTs related to gaming, leaderboards, referrals, faucets, and more. We also issued our limited mint Pyro NFT which gives you exclusive fun perks like staking bonuses and a 4th mystery crypto faucet.

Which Protocols Does PipeFlare Use?

PipeFlare 1FLR Tokens, known as 1FLR Tokens (1FLR), power the gaming ecosystem. We also use the Polygon Network to power our NFT Marketplace and soon our Metaverse products.